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This section contains details of all competitions, contests, tournaments, championships, matches, non-competitive sporting events, etc., published on the site, and allows you to search them by name, sport, location and date.
If you represent a sports organisation you can advertise competitions and events organised by you, and manage invitations and sign-ups.
All sports all sports
5-a-side football 5-a-side football
7-a-side football 7-a-side football
Aeronautical pentathlon aeronautical pentathlon
Aikido aikido
Airsoft airsoft
American football american football
Apnea/Free diving apnea/free diving
Aquabike aquabike
Aquathlon aquathlon
Archery archery
Arm wrestling arm wrestling
Artistic gymnastics artistic gymnastics
Athletics athletics
Autocross autocross
BMX bmx
Badminton badminton
Bandy bandy
Base jumping base jumping
Baseball baseball
Basketball basketball
Basque pelota basque pelota
Beach handball beach handball
Beach rugby beach rugby
Beach soccer beach soccer
Beach tennis beach tennis
Beach volleyball beach volleyball
Biathle/Modern Biathlon biathle/modern biathlon
Biathlon biathlon
Bike polo bike polo
Bike trials bike trials
Billiards billiards
Bobsleigh bobsleigh
Body building body building
Bodyboarding bodyboarding
Bodysurfing bodysurfing
Bossaball bossaball
Bowling bowling
Bowls bowls
Boxing boxing
Brazilian jiu jitsu brazilian jiu jitsu
Broomball broomball
Buzkashi buzkashi
Camogie camogie
Canoe polo canoe polo
Canoeing/Kayaking canoeing/kayaking
Canyoning canyoning
Capoeira capoeira
Cave diving cave diving
Caving caving
Clay pigeon shooting clay pigeon shooting
Cricket cricket
Croquet croquet
Cross-country skiing cross-country skiing
Curling curling
Cyclo-cross cyclo-cross
Dance dance
Diving diving
Dodgeball dodgeball
Dragon boat racing dragon boat racing
Duathlon duathlon
Enduro enduro
Equestrianism equestrianism
Eskrima eskrima
Fencing fencing
Finswimming finswimming
Fistball fistball
Fitness fitness
Flag football flag football
Football football
Footvolley footvolley
Free climbing free climbing
Freestyle skiing freestyle skiing
Freestyle wrestling freestyle wrestling
Golf golf
Grappling grappling
Greco-Roman wrestling greco-roman wrestling
Handball handball
Hang gliding hang gliding
Hockey hockey
Hurling hurling
Hydrospeed hydrospeed
Ice hockey ice hockey
Ice skating ice skating
In-line hockey in-line hockey
Indiaca indiaca
Jet skiing jet skiing
Jianzi jianzi
Jorkyball jorkyball
Ju jitsu ju jitsu
Judo judo
KFM kfm
Kabaddi kabaddi
Karate karate
Karting karting
Kempo kempo
Kendo kendo
Kick boxing kick boxing
Kite landboarding kite landboarding
Kitesurfing kitesurfing
Korfball korfball
Krav maga krav maga
Kronum kronum
Lacrosse lacrosse
Land windsurfing land windsurfing
Lifesaving lifesaving
Luge luge
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) mma (mixed martial arts)
Military combat military combat
Military fitness military fitness
Military pentathlon military pentathlon
Military sports military sports
Modern pentathlon modern pentathlon
Motocross motocross
Motor racing motor racing
Motorcycle trials motorcycle trials
Motorcycling motorcycling
Mountain biking mountain biking
Mountaineering mountaineering
Muay thai muay thai
Multisport raids multisport raids
Naval pentathlon naval pentathlon
Netball netball
Nordic combined nordic combined
Nordic walking nordic walking
Obstacle racing obstacle racing
Off-road duathlon off-road duathlon
Off-road triathlon off-road triathlon
Orienteering orienteering
Pankration pankration
Paragliding paragliding
Paralympic sports paralympic sports
Parkour parkour
Pato pato
Pencak silat pencak silat
Pesäpallo pesäpallo
Polo polo
Polocrosse polocrosse
Power boating power boating
Powerlifting powerlifting
Practical shooting practical shooting
Qi gong qi gong
Quad biking quad biking
Quadrathlon quadrathlon
Racquetball racquetball
Rafting rafting
Rallying rallying
Rhythmic gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics
River trekking river trekking
Road cycling road cycling
Roller hockey roller hockey
Roller skating roller skating
Roller skiing roller skiing
Rowing rowing
Rugby rugby
Running running
Sailing sailing
Sambo sambo
Sanda sanda
Savate savate
Scuba diving scuba diving
Sepak takraw sepak takraw
Shinty shinty
Shoot boxing shoot boxing
Skateboarding skateboarding
Skeleton skeleton
Ski archery ski archery
Ski jumping ski jumping
Ski mountaineering ski mountaineering
Skiing skiing
Skijoring skijoring
Skydiving skydiving
Slamball slamball
Sled dog racing sled dog racing
Snowboarding snowboarding
Snowkiting snowkiting
Snowshoe racing snowshoe racing
Soap football soap football
Softball softball
Speedway speedway
Squash squash
Street luge street luge
Sumo sumo
Supermotard supermotard
Surfing surfing
Swimming swimming
Swimrun swimrun
Synchronized swimming synchronized swimming
Systema systema
Table tennis table tennis
Taekwondo taekwondo
Tag rugby tag rugby
Tai chi tai chi
Target shooting target shooting
Telemark telemark
Tennis tennis
Touch rugby touch rugby
Track cycling track cycling
Trampoline trampoline
Trekking trekking
Triathlon triathlon
Tricking tricking
Tug of war tug of war
Twirling twirling
Ultimate ultimate
Underwater hockey underwater hockey
Underwater rugby underwater rugby
Viet vo dao viet vo dao
Volleyball volleyball
Wakeboarding wakeboarding
Water polo water polo
Waterskiing waterskiing
Weightlifting weightlifting
Windsurfing windsurfing
Wing chun wing chun
Winter quadrathlon winter quadrathlon
Winter triathlon winter triathlon
Wushu wushu
Yoga yoga
Yoseikan budo yoseikan budo