Advertising guidelines

  • General terms and conditions and advertising philosophy

    Advertisers are wholly responsible for ensuring that advertisements comply with applicable legislation and regulations. Keepsporting believes that user experience is paramount and that the experience should be enhanced by advertising. Users should therefore see personalised advertisements that reflect their activity on Keepsporting.

    • Advertisements on Keepsporting must meet Keepsporting standards.
    • Advertisements must be truthful and contain no false, deceptive, misleading or fraudulent information.
    • Each advertising account must correspond to a single advertiser or client.
  • Privacy and use of data

    • No data in any way collected, retrieved, or obtained from a Keepsporting advertisement may be transferred or used by any individual or organisation not acting on behalf of a Keepsporting advertiser.
    • The use of Keepsporting advertising data for any purpose (including retargeting and the compilation of data from different advertising campaigns) is prohibited, except on an aggregate and anonymous basis to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. In no circumstance may data be collected to build or develop user profiles, including profiles associated with unique identifiers that identify a particular user, browser, computer, or mobile, portable or wearable device.
    • The use of information obtained directly from users is permitted so long as users have been notified, have given their consent and this takes place in compliance with applicable legislation and industry guidelines.
    • The sale, transfer or use of data in connection with advertising networks, advertising exchange services, intermediaries or other organisations not acting on behalf of the advertiser and its Keepsporting advertising campaign is prohibited. An individual or organisation that transfers data is directly responsible for the use of such data and for ensuring compliance with Keepsporting standards and applicable legislation
  • Advertisement placement and content

    Advertisements, including all multimedia components thereof, must be tailored for the target audience and relevant to the product or service offered. Audio and flash advertising content may only be displayed following user interaction. Advertising content may not be expanded in Keepsporting following user interaction. Advertisements should use correct grammar and present a clear and unambiguous message. All references to sexual matters, political aims or topical issues for commercial use are prohibited.

    • Accuracy and target websites

      Advertisements must clearly identify the advertising aim, be it a company, product, service or brand. The landing page of advertisements must clearly present the products and services promoted, must function properly and allow the user to exit the page, while the host site must not contain links to other prohibited products or services.

    • Personal Data

      The personal user data shown below may not be used to select the target audience or the advertising content:

      • name
      • criminal record
      • race or ethnic origin
      • religion or philosophical belief
      • sexual practice or orientation
      • financial status or related information
      • trade union or political party membership
    • Definition of target audience

      Advertisements must be relevant to Keepsporting content and promote sport related products and services to an appropriate audience. Advertisements for goods or services subject to legal restrictions (such as sporting weapons) must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and industry standards.

    • Images

      Text forming part of an image displayed in an advertisement or a News section sponsored story may not exceed 25% of the image itself.

  • Advertisement content

    Advertisers must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines, and must also ensure that advertisements:

    • contain verifiable content
    • are not offensive
    • are not false, misleading or deceptive, and do not contain spam
    • do not promote illegal services and/or products
    • do not violate the rights of third parties

    The following specific guidelines shall apply to content :

    • Pharmaceuticals and supplements

      Advertisements must not promote the sale of:

      • prescription medicines
      • products containing anabolic steroids, ephedrine, symphytum, chitosan, dehydroepiandrosterone, growth hormones, and other products deemed unsafe or suspect at the sole discretion of Keepsporting.
    • Software

      Advertisements must not, directly or indirectly, introduce the user to software that may produce harmful or annoying effects, including, but not limited to, software that:

      • violates the intellectual property rights of third arties
      • opens dialog boxes without explicit user interaction
      • performs undisclosed functions or "penetrates" the user's system
      • is a hidden component of other software
      • can change the software and hardware configuration of the user's computer without express permission, damaging, disabling or replacing installed hardware or software
      • downloads and installs itself without the user's express permission
    • Subscription services

      Where advertisements promote subscription services or initially free products or services that automatically become payable, envisage payment solutions with automatic renewal, or that require the user to cancel by giving notice of termination, they must:

      • Clearly and prominently indicate that there are recurring charges (such as "subscription service").
      • Have a landing page in which:
        • The price and invoicing schedule are displayed whenever the user is asked to enter personal information;
        • There is an unchecked consent box;
        • There is a clear explanation on how to cancel a subscription or registration.
      • The content of the previous points must be prominently displayed on the landing page and must be comprehensible and easy to understand, as determined at the sole discretion of Keepsporting.
    • Unacceptable business models

      Keepsporting reserves the right to remove, at its sole discretion, advertisements that promote corporate business models it deems unacceptable, including but not limited to, multi-level marketing schemes

    • Weapons and explosives

      Advertisements must not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition or explosives, except for sporting weapons, providing such advertisement is compliant with applicable legislation and regulations.

  • Community advertising standards

    Keepsporting reserves the right to withdraw, at its sole discretion, advertisements that it considers to violate community standards or that have generated significant negative user comments

    • Illegal activities

      Advertisements must not be used to promote illegal activities.

    • Minors

      Advertisements promoting products or services prohibited to minors must not target minors.

    • Harassment

      Advertisements must not be used for the purposes of causing harm to others by, for example, attacking, denigrating, threatening or insulting them.

    • Hate speech

      Advertisements must not incite hatred towards individuals or groups.

    • "Shock" effect

      Advertisements that may be deemed shocking at the sole discretion of Keepsporting may not be posted

    • Sex and nudity

      Advertisements that portray nudity or sex or allude to sex are prohibited

  • References to Keepsporting

    Advertisements may not use Keepsporting copyrights, trademarks, or similar symbols that might create confusion, and may not imply any kind of agreement, partnership or endorsement from Keepsporting, without our written consent.

  • Rights of others

    Advertisement content must not violate third party rights.

Keepsporting reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to approve, reject or remove any advertisement for any reason. These guidelines may be changed at any time.