Ad guidelines

  • The posting of classified ads on Keepsporting is immediate
  • Place one ad at a time: duplicate ads unnecessarily complicate searches
  • Where applicable include photos that highlight the main features
  • Were applicable select the relevant sport
  • Indicate where (e.g. region, county, city) you are willing to provide your services or where the item that you want to sell is located
  • Enter a title and text that provide a detailed description
  • Add a realistic price and, if you are self-employed or a company, include a VAT number
  • Our team will review your ads before publication
  • Ad insertions are free unless otherwise specified in the site for specific types of ads or placements

Rules of publication

Please note that ads must comply with all applicable legislation and regulations and satisfy the following criteria.

Posted ads shall be the sole and exclusive liability of the user who, at the time of insertion, also acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of use of the service. Keepsporting shall not be in any way held responsible for users' posts and conduct.

Keepsporting reserves the right to:

  • change/update the rules at any time, even without prior notice
  • determine, at any time, an appropriate course of action in the case of ads that infringe Keepsporting's principles or this regulation
  • refuse publication if ad content violates current rules or the general terms of use of the service, or, in any case, if the content does not adhere to Keepsporting's editorial policy. not post an ad or delete it if posted directly online by the user. Should Keepsporting fail to delete the ad, it shall not in any case held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused to third parties that may arise from the posting thereof.
  • change the title of an ad to provide a better indication of its content or to meet editorial requirements

In the case of ads that break the law, Keepsporting cooperates with law enforcement agencies, and reminds you that advertisers and buyers can be identified by internet service providers, who may record IP addresses for that purpose. If requested by the appropriate authorities, Keepsporting will provide all necessary information to aid identification of tax evaders.

What types of ad can be posted?

You may post ads relating to employment, the buying and selling of sports equipment, and sponsorship requests, if they comply with applicable legislation and Keepsporting's editorial policy.

Each ad must relate to a single and clearly identified job or product. Ads for stocked items may be posted only if these are sold in bulk at a single price; otherwise individual ads are required.

Ad text must be relevant and informative. Statements that are generic, do not refer to the product for sale, or promote unrelated services are not permitted (for example. "I also have other products for sale", etc.).


Attach actual photographs of the item for sale.

Images should accurately represent the specific equipment for sale and must not be retouched. Catalogue images or those containing company logos are not permitted.

Remember that you must not use images from other advertisers without their prior consent. In posting an image on Keepsporting, you declare that you own the relevant copyright, that use of the image will not infringe third party property and/or personal rights, and that you absolve Keepsporting of all liability.

Keepsporting does not accept images of nudity or minors.

Keepsporting in any case reserves the right not to publish images deemed inconsistent with its editorial policy or with the content of the ad.


Show a correct price for the equipment for sale.

Prices shown in ads must include VAT, where applicable. Keepsporting reserves the right to reject ads with unrealistic prices.

Keepsporting reminds sellers that if the sale does not involve private individuals, the seller must always specify VAT and pay all taxes and other charges required by law.

Who can place ads

Both individuals and companies can place ads.

Keepsporting reserves the right to verify the user's identity whenever an ad is posted.

Keepsporting staff can limit the number of ads that can be posted by any company or individual, as they see fit. A user who reaches a predetermined threshold for the posting of free ads may be notified by Keepsporting that further posts will not be permitted.

Keepsporting ad restrictions

On Keepsporting it is not permissible to:

  • Place an ad in multiple locations or categories
  • Delete an ad before its expiry date and then re-post it
  • Enter irrelevant keyword lists in ad texts and/or titles
  • Include links in an ad
  • Place auction ads
  • Post ads using management software not authorised by Keepsporting
  • Place ads that do not offer a specific item for sale, but instead seek to promote another website, brand or company,
  • Place ads on behalf of third parties
  • Use payment methods such prepaid card top-ups, for example Postepay, or services such as Moneygram, Western Union or BidPay
  • Send advertisers communications that do not relate to the purchase of the goods offered for sale (such as business communications or property brokerage proposals) or business proposals
  • Use discriminatory and/or racist terms with content that is offensive to individuals, ethnic groups or public figures
  • Sell equipment prohibited by current legislation
  • Sell equipment that does not qualify as sports equipment or that falls within one of the following categories:
    • Kitchen, scuba and fishing knives; knuckle-dusters and truncheons; swords of any kind; replica firearms; explosives and fireworks; airsoft weapons
    • Any type of weapon or implement capable of wounding, including military and collectible weapons, prohibited and unlisted weapons, and toys that can be converted into weapons
    • Medicines, parapharmaceuticals, medical preparations, and any type of narcotic or psychotropic substance
    • Fake or counterfeit products, including phone cards and pay TV viewing cards
    • Illegal copies of music tracks, films, books, video games, software or other goods subject to copyright
    • Modified video game consoles or other electronic devices, or modification services that allow security (DRM) systems to be bypassed
    • Goods or services prohibited in the specific categories


    A) Vacancies

    The ad must clearly identify:

    • duties and responsibilities
    • position details
    • contract and remuneration details
    • job requirements
    • place of work
    • the employer's identity: ads with general indications such as "professional studio", "gym", etc. are not permitted, the publication of anonymous advertisements being illegal.

    Ads containing job offers that require candidates to make a financial contribution will not be accepted.

    Employment agencies recruiting staff for clients must state this in the ad.

    Keepsporting only accepts job ads for sport-related positions. Generic ads promising quick returns through activities that are not clearly described and/or not attributable to recognised professions will not be accepted.

    Ads that discriminate (by age, sex, etc.) will not be accepted.

    B) Jobseekers

    Only ads for the activities described in paragraph A above are accepted.

    The service offered in the ad must be clearly presented and must not be generic or vague

    C) Sports Equipment

    This category includes all ads for the sale of sports equipment (clothing and equipment such as rackets, skis, etc.).