Keepsporting community standards

Please familiarise yourself with the standards that Keepsporting aspires to. Our aim is to allow users of any nationality to exchange content and opinions, and share sporting and other experiences.

This will help you avoid causing unintentional offence

  • Violence and threats

    Keepsporting services must not be used to pose threats or to incite acts of violence, whether real or verbal. Organisations that have committed acts of criminal violence or terrorism may not use our site. In addition, organising, promoting or celebrating any personal activity, including vandalism and theft, that has caused or may cause financial loss, is prohibited.
  • Bullying and intimidation

    The free expression of personal opinions on topics or persons of public interest is permitted, however offensive content will be removed and remedial action will be taken against harassment. Friendship requests and sending repeated unsolicited messages to other users are examples of harassment.
  • Self-harm

    Any content that encourages or promotes eating disorders, self-mutilation, abuse of drugs, anabolic substances, or any form of sports doping, will be removed.
  • Incitement to hatred

    Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, illness or disability is prohibited. Content that incites hatred is also prohibited.
  • Graphic content

    Images or content shared for the purposes of celebrating violence or cruelty will be removed. Content sharing must be performed responsibly: users must inform the public of the nature of shared videos containing strong images to allow informed viewing choices to be made.
  • Nudism and pornography

    Posting images of nudity of a pornographic or paedophilic nature is prohibited.
  • Identity and privacy

    Concealing one's identity or impersonating another person, creating a fake presence for an organisation, or creating more than one account are prohibited. The use of real names and real identities is mandatory. Publishing the personal information of other people, whether users or not, without their consent is strictly prohibited.
  • Controlled products

    If you wish to use our platform for transactions involving legally restricted goods (for example firearms, tobacco, alcohol, or adult products) you must comply with applicable legislation and target an appropriate audience.
  • Intellectual Property

    You must respect copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights, and should therefore ensure that you have all necessary rights before sharing content on Keepsporting.
  • Security

    Violating the privacy and security of other users is prohibited.
  • Phishing and spam

    You may not misappropriate information that users have decided not to make public, or contact users for commercial purposes without their consent.
  • Reporting offensive content

    Please report any inappropriate content or user conduct. However, please note that such reports do not guarantee removal from the site.