Cookies and similar technologies

Usually cookies, local storage (which allows us to collect a quantity of information superior than a cookie) and the pixels are used to improve your experience of the use of the site, showing you only what interests you, and improve your safety, verifying attempts of third parties to access your account.

Specifically, cookies are informations stored on your device, while the pixels, often used in combination with cookies, are lines of code placed on Web pages, designed to allow other servers to provide various types of services (e.g. to measure a Web page views)

The use of these technologies allows us to:

  • study your use of services and products;
  • make Keepsporting easier to use;
  • protect your account;
  • store information about you and the use of Keepsporting;
  • improve advertising.

If you would like to have further details on the use of cookies by advertisers you can visit the Digital Advertising Alliance, the Network Advertising Initiative, the Internet Advertising Bureau (EU) or the Internet Advertising Bureau (USA).

It is possible to block or remove cookies, and similar technologies, check how in your browser's support material.

If you do so your Keepsporting usage may be limited.