Promotion guidelines

  • Promotions on the Keepsporting website must include:
    • (a) A statement declaring that the promotion is not associated with Keepsporting or administered, sponsored or supported by Keepsporting in any form.
    • (b) A statement holding Keepsporting harmless from all liability, signed by each user participating in the promotion.
  • If using Keepsporting to send communications or manage a promotion (e.g. prize draws or competitions), you are responsible for the legal aspects thereof, including:
    • (a) Compliance with current regulations governing the promotion (e.g, registration and obtaining the authorisations required by law).
    • (b) Participation requirements (such as restrictions based on the user's place of residence);
    • (c) The regulation, offer terms and all prizes offered.
  • The promotion creator agrees to use our service to manage the promotion at their own risk as Keepsporting does not provide promotion management assistance.
  • Promotions can be administered on Keepsporting pages or in-app but non on personal noticeboards.