User payment terms

Last updated: 29 April 2014

Users under eighteen (18) years of age require parental or guardian supervision to make payments on Keepsporting.

Users are advised to carefully read these User payment terms (the "Terms") so as to fully understand their rights and responsibilities, and the rights and responsibilities of Keepsporting. Children are advised to read the following Terms with a parent or guardian.

  • Purchase of goods, payment of event registrations, subscriptions, and Premium services on Keepsporting

    • No warranty The user acknowledges at the time of purchase that the goods or services purchased, except Keepsporting subscriptions and Premium services, are sold by retailers and not by Keepsporting. KEEPSPORTING MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY AS TO ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE SOLD ON OR THROUGH THE KEEPSPORTING WEBSITE.
    • Funding and expenditure By using Keepsporting payment services, users agree to add money to their electronic balance by providing a valid funding source. The amount is transferred to the provider of the service or product (event, merchandise, etc.) to be purchased on completion of the funding transaction.
    • Additional terms Any additional terms relating to a given purchase (e.g. shipping rules), will be indicated prior to transaction confirmation. The transaction shall also be subject to these terms.
    • Keepsporting subscription The user's funding source will be immediately charged on purchasing a subscription with recurring transactions at the start of each subscription period. The following terms apply to subscriptions purchased through the the Keepsporting payment service:
      • Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time though the account settings page.
      • If a subscription in cancelled, the subscribed application or function can still be accessed until the end of the subscription period. If an application or function to which a user subscribes becomes unavailable during the subscription period, there will be no charge made for the function at the start of the next subscription period.
      • If the subscription is not cancelled during any free trial period, users will be charged the applicable amount for the next period at the end of the trial period and and at the start of each subscription period.
    • Sponsored posts User-sponsored posts are subject to our Advertising guidelines
    • Successful sale The Keepsporting payment service is EXCLUSIVELY for the purchase of products or services.
  • Payment methods

    • Funding sources Keepsporting allows different types of payment, such as credit and debit cards and other payment methods.
    • Authority A user's use of a funding source constitutes implied confirmation of their authority to do so, and authorises Keepsporting and the Keepsporting-appointed payment company to charge the amount to the transaction funding source. In so doing, the user also authorises Keepsporting to store the relevant transaction data, including details of the funding source.
    • AuthorisationIf the funding source is a credit or debit card, Keepsporting may obtain authorisation from the card issuer prior to charging the purchase amount. This amount will be charged to the card when the transaction funds are added via the Keepsporting payment service or immediately thereafter. If the transaction is cancelled prior to completion, the funds corresponding to the pre-authorised amount may not be immediately available to the buyer.
    • Funding unsuccessful If card payments should result in the user's account becoming overdrawn or in other bank charges, the user assumes liability for such charges.
    • Incompatibility Not all payment methods are always available. The available payment methods may vary, at the sole discretion of Keepsporting, depending on the type of purchase being made.
  • Measures that may be taken by Keepsporting

    • Use Keepsporting may, at any time, and at its sole discretion, revoke the right to use its payment service.
    • Right to cancel Should Keepsporting admit a breach of these terms or conditions or should it believe that such action could result in financial losses, it may cancel any transactions.
    • Solvency By using Keepsporting payment services, users acknowledge and accept that Keepsporting may carry out identity and credit searches either directly or through third parties.
    • Sharing of information In order to protect both itself and its users, Keepsporting may contact law enforcement, the issuer of the user's funding source or any third parties concerned (including other users) and disclose any user payment data received, should it believe that, in so doing, violation of the law or financial losses could be avoided.
  • Disputes and chargebacks

    • No liability for spend transactionsKeepsporting shall not be liable for the products or services purchased, even if a dispute should arise in relation thereto. Keepsporting is only responsible for handling the funding transaction. If the content of an order becomes unavailable prior to delivery, the only compensation payable to the user is a refund of the purchase price. All funding transactions are final, unless otherwise provided by law.
    • Customer assistance Please contact our Help Centre in relation to any dispute arising form a payment transaction. They will be able to assist you within the meaning of articles 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5.
    • Duty to notify Keepsporting Users have a duty to notify Keepsporting of any perceived misuse of their account, within 30 days of the event. Users that fail to do so hereby waive, within the extent permitted by applicable law, any claim against Keepsporting arising from or in relation to the transaction.
    • Technical difficulties If service disruption or a technical failure prevents a transaction from completing, users can request that the transaction be completed at a later date.
    • Interventions Although under no requirement to do so, Keepsporting may intervene in the event of disputes arising between users and sellers.
  • Special provisions applicable to advertisers

    • Consent to credit check Without limiting Section 3.3 above, the user's order constitutes written authorisation allowing Keepsporting to obtain information on the credit-worthiness of the user's company or employees from a credit reference agency. This information may be collected either at the time of order, or thereafter.
    • Agreement to payBy purchasing paid Keepsporting services the user undertakes to pay all amounts specified in the order, plus applicable taxes.
    • Protection Users acknowledge that they will be charged for the cost of all purchases made through their advertising account, as they are directly responsible for the security thereof.
    • Cancellation While users may cancel orders at any time via the online portal, advertisements will continue to be posted for a few days following notification of cancellation and users will be charged the relevant costs.
    • Direct debit For direct debit payments, users agree that they may be charged any amount within the limits agreed at signup. Keepsporting will notify users in advance if the amount charged is greater than the agreed range.
    • Past-due accounts If a user defaults with regard to the payment of advertising space they shall bear all the costs incurred in collecting such amounts, including reasonable legal costs. The minimum interest rate applied to all past-due debts is 1% per month or the maximum permitted by law.
    • Tax liability Any taxes arising from the transactions are borne by the user who agrees to hold Keepsporting harmless against any liability for claims attributable to the user's failure to pay such taxes.
  • Changes to these terms and notification procedures thereof

    • User notifications By using the payment service, the user agrees to be contacted by Keepsporting for the purposes of providing information on the user account or on the purchases made. Such contact may take the form of Keepsporting website notifications, e-mails or letters to the addresses provided by the user to Keepsporting. All notifications shall be deemed as having been "delivered" after three (3) business days of being sent.
    • Keepsporting notifications Unless otherwise provided, any communication relating to the Keepsporting payment service and these Terms should be sent to the following e-mail address:
    • Amendment guidelines To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, Keepsporting reserves the right to update these payment terms at any time and without notice. Each transaction is subject to the payment terms in force at the time of transaction confirmation.
  • Additional Terms

    • Coflict of terms All obligations undertaken when accepting Keepsporting's Terms shall also apply to the use of the Keepsorting payment service. In the event of conflict between these Terms and and Keepsporting Conditions, the user payment terms shall prevail.
    • Conflict of laws In the event of conflict with local laws, nothing contained in these Terms shall be construed as seeking to replace or circumvent local legislation.
    • Translation These Terms are drawn up in the English (UK) language. The English version shall prevail in the event of conflict between any translated versions of these Terms and the latter.
    • "We" Without limiting any of the articles of these payment terms, we have provided an explanation of the terms "we", "us", "our" or "Keepsporting": for all users, these payment terms constitute an agreement between the user and SportHub Ltd, a private limited company based in the United Kingdom.

Keepsporting undertakes to keep your personal financial information, such as details of your credit card or other payment method used, confidential.
This information will be only be used to help you make payments on the Keepsporting site and will not be disclosed to anyone for marketing purposes, unless you have given your explicit consent.