Altitude (m)
Distance: 4630.93 m
Start altitude 1694.00 m
End altitude 1984.00 m
Minimum altitude: 1694 m
Maximum altitude: 2477 m
Cumulative ascent: 864.00 m
Cumulative descent: 574.00 m
Cumulative ascent/descent: 1438 m
Road directions
Directions (from)
Altitude profile
Mountaineering Dominika Utkiewicz
Outdoor location
Santa Cristina Val Gardena

Torre Juac - Via del Rifugio

Stevia massif with two important pillars: west pillar Torre Firenze which is a good and popular spot for climbing. And the smaller southern pillar - Torre Juac. It's not as high as Torre Firenze and with the Via del Rifugio offers a lighter and shorter climb.

This path is easy to reach from the Juac and Firenze mountain huts. The climb is medium difficulty, the first two pitches are splintery. All the pitches are equipped with hook rings.

From the parking lot on the trail 3, go towards the Juac mountain hut. From there take the trail number 4 direction Stevia hut. From the slight right turn, just before a flat stretch, go left onto a narrow path through a meadow branch. When you get to the forest, go up to the left and cross until the last forest and mountain area. Here's the entry to the first big boulder, at this point you come across a rocky area and 40 m before a first large canyon.

From the Firenze mountain hut go downhill onto the trail number 4 direction Piza notch. Then to the left uphill towards a large boulder. Turn right onto an unmarked path that goes first horizontally then falling below Torre Firenze to a large boulder 20 m before the first forest and mountain zone, where the Torre Juac starts.

Photo credit: pupsy27


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