Target shooting

A sport in which marksmen shoot at the centre of a target using long or short firearms. Air guns, gas guns or firearms are permitted
  • Women's rifle prone
  • Women's 50m rifle 3 positions
  • Women's 10m air rifle
  • Women's pistol
  • Women's 10m air pistol
  • Large calibre pistol men
  • Men's pistol
  • Men's 10m moving target
  • Men's 10m moving target mixed speed
  • Men's 50m rifle prone
  • Men's 50m rifle 3 positions
  • Men's 10m air rifle
  • Men's 50m pistol
  • Men's 25m rapid fire pistol
  • Men's 10m air pistol

Organisations 1

Tiro a segno Nazionale Sezione di Belluno