Basque pelota

In Basque pelota a ball (the pelota) is hit against a wall (the fronton, frontoi or frontò) with a special type of bat (the pala). The game originated in the Basque country and takes different names depending on where it is played: pilota in the Basque Country and Catalonia, pelota in Castille, and pelote in France.
  • Mano individuale (Trinquete)
  • Mano individuale (36-metre Fronton)
  • Doubles (Trinquete)
  • Doubles (36-metre Fronton)
  • Paleta balina (Trinquete)
  • Paleta balina (Fronton 30 metres)
  • Xare (Trinquete)
  • Pelota Paleta (Trinquete)
  • Paleta balina (Fronton 30 metres)
  • Paleta corta (Fronton 30 metres)
  • Frontenis (Fronton 30 metres)
  • Cesta punta (Fronton 54 metres)

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